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Making Your Own Yoghurt Parfait at Tale n Toast Café

Making Your Own Yoghurt Parfait at Tale n Toast

Do you know about yoghurt parfait? Have you ever made it before? In this activity, High Flyers and Trailblazers students from EF Gading Serpong felt so excited because they made their own yoghurt parfait with a professional chef from USA at Tale n Toast Café! They also got the chance to know more about the nutrition and the importance of breakfast. The Chef gave them a brainstorming session about the importance of breakfast. Then, he introduced the ingredients and steps for making their own yogurt parfait. Each student got the chance to make a cup of yoghurt parfait with their own creativity and the most creative parfait won a free voucher for next visit to Tale n Toast Café. This activity helped students to improve their creativity and their English communication skill with friends in real life. Also, they were very happy and excited. Do you want to join our Life Club Outdoor Activities? Come and register yourself at EF Gading Serpong!

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